If you can join us at the wedding, we will be thrilled to have you there. Gifts are certainly not necessary or expected. However, if you do want to give us something, we would love if that thing were selected from these lists of things — we have a lot of opinions about tableware aesthetics and cooking technology and have directed them all to these curated registries.

There are two registries: with Zola, and with Williams Sonoma. Williams Sonoma hosts most of the items we’d like for cooking and baking.

On Zola, we have listed a china set, some big-ticket kitchen appliances, and some towels, vases, and bedding. Nerds that we are, we have also thrown up a bunch of beautifully produced books from the Folio Society — volumes we imagine providing a foundation to our shared library, and that we might share and pass along to future kin. Some items can be purchased directly through the platform, while some will direct you to other storefronts for purchase.

SHIPPING - please be aware as you shop that shipping large items to California can be a significant expense on top of the item’s sticker price.

Douglas Eacho & Rebecca Ormiston | 555 San Antonio Road, #440 | Mountain View, CA, 94040

Click here for the Zola registry

Click here for the Williams Sonoma Registry