A shuttle will help transport guests from the Omni and Hyatt hotels to and from the wedding events. Guests staying elsewhere in D.C. are more than welcome to show up at the hotel entrances (both lie on the Metro Red Line) and hop on the shuttles!


We are hosting a dessert reception welcoming out-of-town guests on Friday night, 8:00pm, at the Line hotel.

Shuttle departs the Hyatt: 7:30p

Shuttle departs the Omni: 7:45p

First return shuttle: 9:00p

Last return shuttle: 10:00p


Our ceremony, at All Saints Church, will begin at 3:30p sharp. We strongly recommend taking shuttles.

Shuttle departs the Omni: 2:30p

Shuttle departs the Hyatt: 2:45p

Shuttles will transport all guests from the ceremony to the reception at the Meridian House.

First return shuttle: 9:00p

Last return shuttle: 10:45p